What is the barbell? To many people outside of the lifting community it is simply a piece of gym equipment, but for me, as well as many others who walk this same path in life, it’s a tool. A tool that not only builds our bodies, but our mind and work ethic.

The barbell doesn’t care about your feelings... It doesn’t care about your race, gender, social standing, nor does it care about how much money you make. Whether you’re rich or poor, male or female, or even obese or “fit” - none of those things change the fact that 500 lbs will always be 500 lbs.

The barbell is much like the realities of real life: things won’t move unless we put in effort. We won’t get better unless we continuously put in work. Every lb we add to our strength is a direct result of the work/effort we put into the barbell. We go to the gym, day in and day out, trying to build our bodies with little to no instant gratification. There are very little micro rewards in this game, but it’s life changing in the macro, and thats what it’s like in life.

We won’t get anywhere without hard work. We must build a solid foundation to make sure everything else is stable. We can’t expect to progress without putting in the necessary effort, and to be able to do that requires a lot of patience.

Patience the the most important thing the barbell has taught me. Patience enough to know that my little steps in building my brand/business are necessary. The minor set backs are necessary. Even all the hours spent trying to perfect my craft.. It’s all necessary in the grand scheme of things.

The Iron barbell will sharpen the iron mind, and that will create an iron will.



Senpai Strength